ma 16.12. IGDA Lahti Christmas Gathering

Ovet 18-00 — tbc

Feliz Navidad and O Holy Night! December is usually the season of Christmas songs but this December we are bringing you a evening all about games and music!

Joining us for our December gathering are Tomi Luoma, lead guitarist from Machinae Supremacy, Anni Tolvanen, Senior Audio Designer from Next Games, Felicia Prehn, Production Manager from Nopia and Jeremy Corbett, Audio Director from Tonally!

We also have a live music, performed by Tommi Salomaa and MC Licia & Rama!

So join us for a evening full of music, good times and Christmas spirit at Ravintola Tirra!

18.00 Doors open
19.00–19.15 Opening words
20.00–21.00 Game music from 4 different angles – Panel discussion
21.30–22.00 MC Licia & Rama
22.00 Tommi Salomaa