Muffler, Physics, Zudakabass (ecu), Boneyard (fra)

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Muffler, Physics, Zudakabass (ecu), Boneyard (fra)

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Seitsemän vuotta Rumblea lauantaina 19. joulukuuta Torvessa. Ohjelmassa seitsemän deejiitä: Muffler, Physics, Zudakabass (ecu) B2B Boneyard (fra), Kamiz, Kunkku ja Destroy. Liput 7 euroa.

DJ Muffler (FIN) (Spearhead Records, Hospital Records)

With a host of releases on UK labels, MUFFLER a.k.a KONSTA has certainly made an impact. He is one of the few producers who have had releases on almost all top drum ’n bass labels including MOVING SHADOW, HOSPITAL, DSCI4, COMMERCIAL SUICIDE, FORMATION, FREQUENCY, URBAN TAKEOVER and his own SIGHCO RECORDINGS

Early releases back in 1999-2000 on Urban Takeover were accepted worldwide by both clubbers and DJ’s and
his CD album on Urban Takeover ”Soundz Of The Future” has got a warm welcome too. Also his mix cd, which
consists only of his own tracks for Knowledge magazine (april 2004 issue) got him some well deserved attention. To date Muffler has released over 50 vinyl singles, two CD albums and featured on various compilations. It’s often been said that he is one of the most profilic producers in the drum ’n bass scene.

Together with Paul Rae his running a record label called SighCo Recordings. Label was launched in 2004 with Muffler’s ”Showdown / Futureshock”, which many consider a classic by now. Latest release ”Super MC (feat MC TC IZLAM)” is a huge anthem still getting caned by the likes of Pendulum and Dieselboy.

Muffler’s tracks get constant support from other premier league DJs such as Andy C, Pendulum, Mampi Swift, Grooverider, Fabio, DJ SS, Zinc, Fresh, Ed Rush&Optical, Mickey Finn, Mary Anne Hobbs, John Peel,
High Contrast to name but a few

As a DJ, besides known for his fast doubledrop mixing skills, Muffler always plays dubplate heavy selection with latest cuts from himself and other producers,

He plays regularly around the world, both club and festival gigs, in countries like: UK, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Spain, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Croatia, France, Finland, Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium to name a few ..

Physics (FIN) (Fokuz Recordings, Metalheadz)

He has released his trademark sound on labels like Metalheadz (Goldie), MAC II (Randall) , Secret Operations (alongside Seba), Blindside, Fokuz, Influenza Media, Celsius Recordings, Phuzion, Phuturistic Bluez,Vampire Records(Phil / Source Direct) and many other labels. He is a co-owner of the digital download shop and has previously owned his own record label. He has DJed since the late 90s and produced and released his first record in 2003 . Physics music has been supported by international DJ:s such as LTJ Bukem, Goldie, DJ Storm, Nookie, Marcus Intalex, Marky&XRS, D-Bridge, Randall, Bryan Gee, Seba, Makoto , Phil Source Direct, and many more. Being a busy DJ he constantly tours diffrent parts of the world bringing his unique take on the global sound of drum & bass to the party. Other works he currently is working on is tracks on compilation 12” albums for MAC II recordings and Fokuz Recordings to mention a few.


Kamiz (Superbailut)

Kunkku (Kontrolloitu Kuningaskerho)

Dj Destroy (Rumble Lahti)

In 1998, Joni Heikkilä aka Dj Destroy began his journey & love affair with drum & bass music listening to the beats and sounds that emanated from the UK underground scene around that time. Citing his addiction to the music as the classic Virus Ed Rush & Optical tech monster “Wormhole”, the early dark twisted sounds Virus & Renegade Hardware provided the soundtrack to his submersion into dnb music and culture.

Whilst being a knowledgeable connoisseur of drum and bass, with an appreciation of tunes from across the wider spectrum of the music, Destroy draws his dj set inspirations from his favorite artists which include the likes of Dieselboy, Dj Hype, Ed Rush & Optical, The Upbeats. His record bag on an average evening is filled with the latest, and some timeless classics from labels such as Virus, Ram, Vision, Bad Taste, Lifted Music, Neosignal, Blackout ..

His dj style leans towards the more upfront and techy/dancefloor selection of the dnb genre, with dynamic fast mixing, utilizing his 12 years of technical experience behind the turntables with double drops.

Not content with just playing the music, Destroy has been actively spreading the vibe and promoting Drum and Bass in his city Lahti in Finland. Since 2008, hosting the very popular sessions RUMBLE!! he´s invited a wide variety of international guests & performers alongside well known national dj/producers whom he supports with equally as much vigor. Previous international guests have included OPTICAL (UK), DIESELBOY (USA), Dj AMC (UK), MC COPPA (UK), EZ ROLLERS (UK), DOM&ROLAND (UK), PROLIX (UK), CHRIS SU (HU), FAR TOO LOUD (UK) to name a few ..

2014 opened up a new chapter in the Destroy story as he’s been playing in countries such as Germany, Italy and Belgium.