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To 27.4. klo 19.00-24.00

Dreare (cze), Sweeps04 (cze), Further Down (cze), Betelzeus

  • Torvi
  • Klo 19.00-24.00
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Kolme prahalaisen SDBS-levy-yhtiön projektia nähdään pohjoisen matkallaan Torvessa torstaina 27. huhtikuuta. Tarjolla on toisiinsa nivoutuva vyörytys post metallia, electic noisea ja dronea, lahtelaisella sludge doomilla höystettynä!

Sweeps04 (drone/doom)
He’s got a set of classic guitar effects in front of him and his set starts to pave the road by creating loops. The intensity is rising and listener can immerse himself into rough drone metal with doom tendencies. The set builds up to a quite definite, almost melodical development. His performance and progression is sovereign.

Further Down (synth/noise)
This bloke seeks order in a chaotic swarm of cables, effects and synthesizers. From all this, agressive swipes of noise emerge, as well as melancholical tones. The constant analog blare of infinite cassette tapes and noise is ocassionaly crossed by a surprising melody or rhytmical sample.

Dreare (post-metal)
Dreare is a band where instruments swap places, sometimes coming to the fore, sometimes vanishing to the back and sometimes all coming together. Their music is dark, atmospheric, sometimes sparse, sometimes heavy, never predictable. Their set will consist entirely of tracks from their upcoming full-lenght album which will be released this spring.

Lahtelainen sludge-doom -yhytye.

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